The Regina-Fujioka Student Exchange Program provides an educational and cultural exchange between high school students from the city of Regina and the city of Fujioka. The purpose is to foster a unique learning experience, a better understanding of cultural diversity and forge lifelong friendships. The goal is to create a fulfilling homestay experience for the students through their host families, educators and their community partnerships.

Students in Grade 7 or 8 in Regina Catholic or Regina Public Schools are invited to apply for the Regina-Fujioka Student Exchange Program. This is a homestay program in which Regina Students will act as host to Japanese students for ten days in the summer of 2017 and will visit Japan for ten days in the summer of 2018. This program is officially recognized and supported by the City of Fujioka, the Board of Education of Fujioka, the City of Regina, the Regina Catholic School Board and the Regina Public School Board and is administered by the Regina-Fujioka Student Exchange Program Board of Trustees. 

Students that are selected for this program will participate in weekly Japanese language classes, cultural and social events, organizing activities for the the hosting phase, and fundraising events during their two-year involvement. This is a parent-run program in which parent committees coordinate fundraising activities, programs, events, host phase activities and travel arrangements.